Beef Heart Recipe For Discus Fish

Beef Heart Recipe For Discus Fish

Hybrid and Wild Discus love our Homemade Beefheart Discus Fish Food. Beefheart Discus Fish Food.

This Is My Own Beef Heart Mix Refined Over Many Years Of Breeding And Raising Discus I Find This O Beef Heart Recipe Food Processor Recipes Health Food Shops

The idea is to make the consistency hard.

Beef heart recipe for discus fish. Credit to my friend Joe who gave me the recipe and guide me through the process. Beef heart recipes abound on the internet for those that want to create their own fish food. Beef Heart Read More.

3 pounds beef heart cleaned defatted trimmed. 1 pound white fish. I then add the powdered krill and the vitamins to the beef heart.

1kg Shrimp the small orangey red ones. Semi defrost the Beef Heart and prepare the natural additives and other ingredients. This Beefheart mix is packed with Proteins and vitamins.

Tony Griffitts Beef Heart Aquarium Fish Food Recipe. I use this home made aquarium fish food recipe for raising Discus and other fish including Endlers Livebearer Poecilia reticulata endleriIt is a high protein fish food that gives the fish outstanding color and growth rate. Ill post a list of ingredients below.

Skin trim ALL fat skin sinews gristle out of the heart. Tony Griffitts Beefheart Recipe 4 lbs Beef Heart 8 oz Freeze Dried Krill 4 to 6 tsp Kent Zoe Freshwater Vitamins Small amount of Water for processing The krill is processed first in a meat grinder which turns it into a powder. Many Discus breeders swear by it.

Discus Fish Food Recipe. For the discis size pieces to feed most large and the way that you do it is by adding more and more krill as it mixes in the food processor adult fish. Beef heart is animal protein which discus fish would eat in the wild in the form of small crustaceans worms and insect larvae.

Most of the recipes will call for the protein. Unlike most tropical fishes discus requires great amount of nutrients to improve and maintain their beautiful color as well as promote spawning and fry rearing. 2 boxes frozen spinach- steamed lightly.

Flatten the mixture in the plastic bag. So here are some recipes I have found to get you started or as a base to create your own special recipe. DIY discus food recipes can be found scattered around the internet.

With a blend of healthy beefheart spinach dry flake food proteins garlic cloves and vitamins your discus. Pass the shrimps or prawns through the grinder. 3 pounds of fresh beef heart cleaned defatted and trimmed.

1 pound liver we use beef – trimmed rinsed well and soaked in very hot water 3 minutes. Our frozen beef heart blend has been proven to enhance all discus fish with a rich blend of vitamins and nutrients. 350 pounds of turkey hearts beef heart can also be used 150 pounds of turkey livers.

2 pounds raw shrimp – peeled. Several sources are used such as beef heart chicken turkey fish and shrimp. 100 pounds of peeled shrimp.

Then the beef heart is ground twice. This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a beef heart mix for aquarium fish. Cut the Mix into cubes then freeze and pack.

How I make my first batch of beef heart mix for the Discus fish. Cut in to small pieces and place on a stainless steel tray. 2kg beefheart thoroughly trimmed of any fat and sinew.

50 pounds of fish fillets non oily fish 32 pounds of green beans or peas or spinachfood for plecos 20 pounds of fish flake food to help bind food. Beef heart is one of the most popular foods recommended by discus fish care experts. If you decide to make your discus food it will consist of a protein source.

1kg of any white ocean fish fillets dont use fresh water fish 1kg Salmon yes I know but your fish are worth it 1. Some ingredients like brewers yeast spirulina powder vitamin C and Agar powder may not be readily available at most tropical fish store. Roll out the Beef Heart Mix to expel all air.

Pressurise all ingredients into the Beef Heart and run through a heavy duty mincing machine. 1kg green prawns shelled and de veined. 1 pound of beef liver trimmed rinsed and soaked in hot water for up to 5 minutes.

This one come from Rocky Mountain Discus. Our Discus Fish Food Recipe. 2 pounds frozen plankton – thawed or 6 ounces freeze dried – well rinsed.

3 pounds beef heart – cleaned defatted trimmed. To watch a video of my discus eat. As some of these feeds are hard to source in our part of the world are expensive or have high toxin pollutant levels beef heart is a popular source of protein for discus fish.

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