Brisket Cooking Time Per Pound Smoker

Brisket Cooking Time Per Pound Smoker

But ambient temperature wind humidity and composition of the meat tissue all are factors in how fast or slow a brisket cooks. If your temperature is set to between 225-250F expect about 1-1 ½ hours of cook time per pound.

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About an hour and fifteen minutes per pound if you cook at 250F and dont wrap.

Brisket cooking time per pound smoker. A lot of the times people may have a vertical shaped smoker that does not have enough space to house an entire 15 to 20 pound brisket packer. A 12-pound brisket would take 12 hours to cook at 250 F and 18 hours to cook at 225 F. At 250 F it takes one to 15 hours per pound.

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If the meat starts to look dry you can add moisture with a spray bottle of apple juice or apple cider vinegar. Beef brisket cooks at a rate of about 1 to 1-12 hours per pound when the smoker is set to 250 degrees. Cook time will vary depending on the size of the beef.

Smoking a brisket at 225 F takes approximately 15 to 2 hours per pound. At 300 F it takes 30-45 minutes per pound. If you plan to smoke the brisket overnight make sure to check it after 7 or 8 hours.

If you dont yet have a meat thermometer we love this instant-read thermometer smoking brisket is the best excuse to make the purchase. A good rule of thumb is 50 to 60 minutes per pound at 225F. For a 6 pound brisket cut the cook time and rub ingredient amounts in half.

Checking the internal temperature of your brisket is key until you. This is certainly not a rule to follow too closely as there are multiple factors to consider. The cooking time per pound can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Ad The Art Of Smoking a Brisket Is Easy If You Follow Our Simple Steps. When you cook the brisket in a foil not in a butcher paper you have to cook it with a view to 45 minutes for a pound of brisket. This recipe is for a 12 pound brisket.

So smoke the meat for around 6 hours first this will let the meat soak enough smoke and acquire the wonderful crust and then wrap it into the aluminum foil with two layers and do the tight wrapping. That means a 12-pound brisket will take about 18 hours to cook at a temperature of 225 F and about 12 hours to cook at a temperature of 250 F. A 10-pound brisket should be done in 10 to 15 hours at this rate.

You can roughly estimate when a brisket will be done by allowing 45 minutes to 75 minutes per pound when cooking at 250 degrees and wrapping in foil after 4-5 hours. This is a great reason and opportunity to experiment cutting a brisket in half and then properly placing it onto the smoker. Place a bowl with 2 Cups beef broth or apple juice on smoker with brisket.

Smoked Brisket 12-18 lbs Smoker Temperature. At 225 F smoking a brisket takes about 15 to two hours per pound. After two hours lightly spritz your brisket with the remaining beef broth or apple juice ever 45 minutes or when brisket starts to look dry.

About an hour per pound if you cook at 250F and wrap in butcher paper. How many hours per pound does it take to smoke a brisket. Once brisket reaches an internal temperature of 155-165 remove and wrap in peach paper or aluminum foil.

It takes about an hour of cooking time per pound brisket. About 45 minutes per pound if you cook at 250F and wrap in aluminum foil. At 300 F it takes 30-45 minutes per pound.

These guidelines will give you an idea of the time it takes to prepare brisket. At that temperature a 12-pound brisket could take 8-12 hours or longer depending on how well you manage the fire 4-5 hours in 250-degree smoke and 4-5 hours at 250-degrees wrapped in foil is an approximate timeline for a 12 packer brisket as long as you maintain a steady 225-250-degree fire and are not opening the.

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